Bread and bread-making lends itself to mesmerizing photos and video, and–lucky for us– Ken Forkish, author of  Flour Water Salt Yeast and acclaimed Portland baker behind Ken’s Artisan Bakery and Pizza, has created a video series full of demonstrations to supplement his book. With his step-by-step recipes from Flour Water Salt Yeast and these helpful videos, bread-making doesn’t seem so daunting after all.

Water Temperature

Thoughts on The Levain

Weighing the Levain

Hand Mixing the Autolyse

Mixing by Hand

Folding the Dough

Feeding the Levain

Proofing and Finger Dent Test

Shaping the Loaves

Baking Bread

Be sure to also check out Ken’s Troubleshooting Tips, as well as the recipe for Saturday White Bread from his book, Flour Water Salt Yeast (Ten Speed Press, September 2012):

Saturday White Bread Recipe From Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish