Reinhart_Peter with Denene Wallace

DENENE WALLACE started baking goods that would help her manage blood sugar issues after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and gluten intolerance. Soon after, she founded Proseed Flour, a business specializing in the production of high-protein/low-carb gluten-free flour. Although at one time Denene needed five insulin shots a day to control her blood sugar, the recipes from her and Peter Reinhart’s cookbook–The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking (Ten Speed Press, August 2012)–have helped her completely eliminate her need for insulin.

As Halloween approaches, The Recipe Club has been thinking not only of candy and sweets, but also of the many things that terrify us in everyday life. We’ve partnered with our sister sites at Books for Better LivingRead It ForwardCrafterNews, and Crown, to ask our authors: What five things terrify you most? Here, Denene tells us five other foods besides sugar and carbs she stays away from. This is a fun one!

1. Gummie Worms & Snakes

Whose twisted mind came up with this gross idea? Not only are worms & snakes terrifying — but why would anyone want to eat them? Freaks me out!!! My nephew put one of the gummie snakes in my bed and when I turned the covers down I screamed so loud it woke up everyone in the house. NOT FUNNY !! I hate snakes!!!!!

2. Pepperoni

This is not a food to me. It could survive the apocalypse. Really really weird. The ingredients alone are …. what exactly — ???? BHA, BHT, Lactic Acid Starter Culture, Oleoresin of Paprika, Sodium Nitrite, BHA, BHT, Citric Acid… Anything that has a “Starter Culture” in it sounds like a laboratory experiment to me. How gross!!

3. Sushi

Okay I know a lot of people like this stuff – even my husband, but this is just the yuckiest thing to me. It’s raw and they put all kinds of weird raw fish eggs and sea urchants on top and them wrap it in seaweed and people eat it. I just gag thinking about it. Fire was discovered for a reason people – to COOK our food. Disgusting…..

4. Cow’s Tongue

Totally scared the wits out of me. I saw one in the butcher’s shop and I almost screamed when I realized what it was. I do not get this at all. I thought I was gonna loose my lunch right on the spot. Oh sooooo …. not right!!!

5. Chicken Feet

Saw these in the butcher’s shop too. I cringed and felt sick to my stomach. I just don’t get it — what could anyone possibly do with these, besides the fact they are completely disgusting!!! Really freaked me out! Still think about it and get chills.

For more of Denene Wallace on The Recipe Club, see here, and here’s Anne Burrell’s list of five things that terrify her. Happy Halloween!