This is the second post in our series of chefs’ and authors’ favorite Thanksgiving memories. Below, Jean-Georges Vongerichten shares his memory of his first Thanksgiving in the United States.

“My first Thanksgiving in the U.S. was in 1986. I was invited by the first farmers I met in Union Square to celebrate with them in upstate New York. I remember it feeling a lot like Christmas, since I wasn’t used to celebrating Thanksgiving. We ate sweet potato gratin, swiss chard with bacon, cranberry chestnut stuffing and a traditional roasted turkey. My favorite part of the meal was the pecan, apple and pumpkin pie.”
- Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Try some recipes from Jean-Georges’ most recent cookbook, Home Cooking with Jean-Georges, by clicking the link below.

Recipes From Home Cooking With Jean Georges by Jean-Georges Vongerichten