Alex Guarnaschelli

Alex Guarnaschelli has done it all. She is the executive chef at Butter and The Darby in New York City, she is a judge on Chopped, won The Next Iron Chef, hosted Alex’s Day Off, and has appeared on many more Food Network shows, and most recently, she wrote her first cookbook, Old-School Comfort Food (Clarkson Potter, April 2013). We sat down to ask her a few questions about her cookbook, her favorite go-to foods, and more.

The Recipe Club: We are so looking forward to your first cookbook, Alex! Why did you decide to write it?
Alex Guarnaschelli: I think writing a cookbook might even been overdue for me. I have been collecting recipe and stories for a long time. I think food and personal moments go hand in hand.

TRC: What is your favorite recipe in the book and why?
AG: This may sound silly but my favorite page and recipe in the book is the tomato sandwich I make with my great aunt Aggie. She’s the best.

TRC:If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
AG: Probably juicy Bing cherries.

TRC: You have to throw a dinner party for someone – you need to make an appetizer, entrée and dessert – what’s your go-to?
AG: I love the baked clams and the hanger steak from my cookbook. For dessert, some chocolate cookies or ice cream sandwiches.

TRC: Three key picnic basket ingredients for a warm Spring day?
AG: A crispy baguette, some cheese (will be perfect temp if its a warm day!) and juicy green grapes.

TRC: Which three cookbooks could you not live without?
AG: 1. The Joy of Cooking, 2. The Gourmet Cooking School Cookbook by Dione Lucas, 3. Simply French by Patricia Wells and Joel Robuchon