Here at the Recipe Club, we’re all about finding the best new recipes. But once you’ve found them, what do you do with them? Enter TasteBook, our new favorite site for recipe collecting, sharing, and custom cookbook creating! It goes something like this—you found that perfect recipe on The Recipe Club for coffee cake. But you want to keep it in the same place as your family recipe for quiche, so when you’re putting together an awesome brunch, you’re not scrambling around looking for all your recipes. TasteBook lets you save that Recipe Club recipe, and upload your own recipes as well, sort of like your own virtual recipe collection. What’s cooler is that you can also take that strawberry jam recipe from your new favorite cookbook, and add it to your collection as well (if you buy the TasteBook edition of any cookbook, all the recipes can automatically be added to any of your collections). Plus, if you want to round the collection out with a nice bloody mary recipe, you can search on TasteBook’s collection of over 5 million recipes from across the web.


But we’re not just excited about TasteBook because you can save recipes. You can share them, too! That recipe collection I made? Maybe I named it “The Best Brunch.” My friend might think the recipes in there are pretty good, so she can follow my recipe collection. Whenever I make changes, she’ll be able to see them. I can follow her collections too. This is a great way to share all those cookie-swap recipes! TasteBook’s new homepage makes it easier to find and see friends’ recipes & activity, and to follow other members (particularly if you use their FacebookConnect login).

TasteBook Cookbook

I know a lot of people don’t cook with a computer, however, which is why TasteBook’s custom cookbook feature is so great. You can take any of the recipe collections you’ve built and create a high-quality, printed, custom cookbook. These make great gifts—we’ve heard of people using them at bridal showers, during the holidays, family reunions, birthdays, and more!

Check out our delicious coffee cake recipe in the link above, and start exploring TasteBook!